POWER - safer internet is more fun

Did you know that in Europe, one in three women encounters online violence on a regular basis? This needs to stop. It no longer suffices to just teach people how to protect themselves. We need to encourage action: for everyone to realise what violent behaviour consists of, where it comes from and what are its consequences.Let’s open up the debate on why mostly women fall victim to this. We want everyone to stand up for those close to them experiencing cyber violence. Everyone has to realize that only the perpetrator is to blame for violence and never the victim. 


We are raising awareness

To stop cyber violence from happening, we need to talk about what causes it, what it consists of and what are its consequences. It’s imperative to understand the full spectrum of cyber violence. By providing workshops for schools, we plan to shine a light on this problem, and to firmly address it.

We are changemakers

Engaging students from different countries lets us understand local and regional differences and develop methods on how to fight cyber violence.By disseminating this, we will stimulate cooperation and change across the EU in order to make the world a better place.

We are increasing knowledge

Victims of cyber violence need to know their rights, how to exercise them and what to do when they are violated. It needs to be known that engaging in cyber violence can have legal consequences and that the online world is not as anonymous and lawless as people think. Therefore, POW!ER instructs young people on effective countermeasures, as well as their legal rights and available support services. 

We are motivating people

Nobody wants a lecture on how or how not to act. We seek to engage students so that they would actively take part in creating prevention campaigns against cyber violence, giving them the skills to transform into a positive example for their peers. This will give them a voice against ignorance and will help create a society that does away with violence.


Organisations from Czech Republic, Austria and Romania have teamed up to tackle gender-based cyber violence. We’ll get to work with 60 young people from vocational schools, educating them on how to take action against this and making sure they teach their peers to do the same. This will then spread to 3000 young people from 3 different countries, showing them on how to be more sensitive to gender-based violence and how to act against it. This program will allow us to prepare a strategy for other educators, who can use our experiences, methods and system to further spread awareness about gender-based cyber violence to all the schools in the EU. 


As one of the departments of Caritas Vienna, Missing Link understands itself as the unit for encounter, integration and antidiscrimination. We strongly believe that through active participation and inclusion of diverse groups within the society, positive and constructive development is possible. Gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls have been stipulated as a focus and department goal. In practice, this means that Missing Link takes measures to support women’s and girl’s emancipation and equal participation through different projects and programmes. 


We want to contribute by giving every woman the possibility to feel safe. That’s why Konsent focuses on prevention of rape and sexual harassment and cyber violence. We don’t tell women what they should or shouldn’t do in order not to get harmed. The other way round, we explain to men what rape and harassment and violence mean and what are their consequences.We don’t want to distress anyone. However, sex must take place only with the consent of both partners and flirting is supposed to be enjoyable for all involved. We support women to not be afraid to speak up. 


Professional Foundation is a non-governmental organisation with a view to enhancing high quality in education, intercultural tolerance and appreciation, human rights, gender equality promoting  awareness through advocacy and activism. ProF is of opinion that gender-based violence is, unless challenged, passed from generation to generation. This challenge must be effective, embedded in education and positivity, and immediate. Our children and adolescents must grow up with a basic understanding of equality. As a member of ACWW (Association of Country Women of the World) ProF permanently campaigns to end gender-based-violence or its variant cyber violence. ProF  is approved and accredited by the Ministry of Education for the section “Continuing Education” Ord.no. 3133/04.02.2000 which makes it possible a close collaboration with schools in order to dedicate educational efforts to protect our younger generations and encourage their safe and enlightened growth.


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